Breakdown Cover

More about What is Breakdown Cover

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Comparison Of the Top 3 Providers

We hopefully have created a car breakdown cover one stop shop, with as much information, reviews, top tips and guides, including what to do if you need assistance and the benefits of being a member of these organisations. Our comparison page will give you a quick look of what each level of breakdown insurance policy includes, then you can decide which supplier you would like to visit.

price from £30
starting roadside at £29.99
depending on vehicle cover can start from £20

Types Of Cover

These do vary from supplier to supplier (do fully understand what you are buying) but as a basic guide here are the typical options normally available.

  • Basic Roadside Policy: An engineer will visit you and your vehicle at the point is has broken down and attempt to repair it.
  • Home Policy: For problems whist your vehicle is at home (or sometimes within 1/2 mile of your residence.
  • Breakdown Recovery: This policy normally includes roadside, plus or if it can't be repaired they will take your vehicle to destination of your choice.
  • European: Most breakdown cover provider can extend their service to the continent for holidays or business.
  • Additional Extra Options: Most providers will extend on these offers by offering additional cash and/or train fares.
Other Service Providers

gem motoring roadside assistance low cost options and considerations be taken directly to rescue my car cheapest and offer insurance options too