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AA Membership

Once you have looked at all the options and have already decided that becoming a AA member is the right solution for you, then the online process is a simple as 123, well maybe a few more numbers too.

Simple Process

After arriving at the official AA website, you will be presented with monthly payment options, based on the cover you have decided on buying. Simply click on the relative payment banner and follow the instructions right trough to payment.

But if you have decided that AA Membership is right for you, but you are still unsure what cover option to select, the AA has a “Help Me Choose” button that will explain all cover options and again take you through a journey to match your needs with what they offer.

All journeys will start with deciding if this policy is for the driver or the car. If it is for the person, then whatever vehicle he or she is in will be covered under the policy. However, it may be more appropriate for the actual vehicle to be covered, especially if multiple drivers use it.

AA Roadside Assistance Is Standard

From then on, the AA Roadside option is the starting point; this is the basic entry level options, for which everything else is bolted on. For some this may be adequate, but for others there are extra services, from Recovery, Home, European and more advanced get you home solutions, for those who want the ultimate peace of mind.

How you answer the questions through the process, will determine if Roadside is sufficient or if further services are required.

Questions like-

  • “Would you need help if you broke down at home?”
  • “Would you want to be taken to the nearest garage or a location anywhere in the UK?”
  • “If your vehicle could not be fixed, would you want to continue your journey?”
  • “If your vehicle needed to go to a garage, would you want help with the bill?”
  • The wording above is not exact to the website (they have the right to change it at any time), but hopefully sufficient accurate enough to reflect the type of questions the AA will ask to establish your policy needs.

    Time For The Quote

    Once you have created your package, and entered in your vehicle details etc, then you will get your finalized quote which you can apply online there and then.

    A small criticism is you do not get several price options, to compare prices if you did not select this or that, only a final price on the package you have created.

    Focusing on the customer needs, not on the different price options, seems to be the order of the day.

    There is a back button, to go back and change any options, should you be unhappy at any point of the journey.

    So If AA Membership is your considered solution, then give it a try.