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Populus Report Shows Middle Lane Hogging Is getting Worse

There is a key figure that shows that Fixed Penalty Notices have dropped by over 8% in 2017, but the AA Populus figures show that middle lane hogging is getting worse.

motorway heavy traffic multi lane

Real Safety Issues

Although annoying there can be real safety issues associated with blocking lanes, especially during busy times, when all lanes are required to keep traffic moving in a safe and efficient way.

Edmund King, (AA Charitable Trust), states that Middle Lane Hogging is always a top three hate amongst drivers. The highway code states you should always drive in the Left Hand Lane when the road ahead is clear, so if found guilty a 100 pound fine can be issued by the police. Or even more if it is an extreme example.

Safety Excuse

Drivers often state they feel safer driving down the middle lane, especially if there is no safety lane, or lots of bridges or broken down cars as examples. Ironically, in other countries passing on the inside lane is legal, where in Britain it is not. But as learner drivers do some of their test on the motorway and faster roads, there is no longer an excuse.

Technology May Help With Solution

So a common problem with very few fines being issued. Some technology has been tried to identify middle lane hoggers, such as Gloucestershire police who spotted over 1300 offences in a one month period on the A417.

It could be argued though that dash cams have caught the most amount of offenders, from police and sometime the public, presenting evidence to the police.

So a clear message is now being delivered from the AA, the police and drivers in general, that just sitting in the middle and not returning to the left when you can, will no longer be tolerated and technology will be used to find them then fine them.