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Which Award Recommended Provider, Given To The AA

The consumer giant “Which” have awarded the The AA, “Which Recommended Provider” status (WRP), clearly recognizing the level work and commitment that The AA put in, to ensure a top class breakdown service.

They report on their own site, relates to innovation and a commitment to world class customer service.

Best Which Provider 2019

The results came after Which compared 27 service UK providers on things like-

  • Arrived Within The Hour
  • Repaired at The Roadside
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    They asked 7000 people on their personal experience with their chosen breakdown service provider over the last 12 months and compiled the data into customers’ scores and then a final score.

    You can see the info here, but unless you subscribe to Which you will not see the brand names of the providers. For customers to have confidence in the service they are buying, that they will not be sitting at the roadside hours after making that emergency call, it is helpful to have studies like this, especially from one that is respected as much as “Which”.

    The AA won the UK award for their ability to attend more cars within the hour and fix them. A crucial and basic part of any quality roadside assistance policy. They employ more patrolmen than any other British provider and now have smart `phone technology that can show where the patrolmen is and when they will arrive.

    Investing in this type of technology will only improve their trust value throughout the British motoring community. Lets see if it can continue into 2020!