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Why Choose AA Breakdown Services

The big 3 British Breakdown service providers all have their customers who are happy with the service they are receiving, and renew their membership each year. But what could be the reason that so many people choose The AA as their chosen provider over others?

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The Biggest In The UK

Let’s start with the fact that the AA is the biggest service provider in the UK. This means more employed patrols (rather than third party garages) a larger network of communication systems. This could be an issue if a breakdown occurs away from the madding crowd, where other service may call in a local garage to attend your car.

Latest Technology

Your smart phone can do many things, but now with the AA it can call for assistance and you can even track the patrolman on a map as they attend. Knowing where and when someone will attend is a real benefit to some.

The technology that is in the van to detect faults within your vehicle is also important. Plug in computers can detect faults and recommend fixes.

Consistent Training

All AA engineers are trained to a high standard and consistent to the breakdown industry. There are no benefits to them, taking a vehicle to a local garage to increase the bill. All service providers measure themselves on repairs at the roadside and time taken to repair, which the AA claims that most are repaired in under 30 min's.

Cover For You Or The Car

There is now an option to cover you as a driver, which may drive multiple cars, or the vehicle itself, that, may be driven my multiple drivers. Each AA policy may suit different motorists with different needs.

As the potential policy owner goes through the online buying process, it clearly shows what options are available varying Levels Of Cover.

There are also different levels of AA cover options, which may suit different types of motoring, the cheapest being the AA roadside assistance polices, to a more advanced recovery and even European options. So plenty of choice all in one place.

It is also worth noting that the AA, is by the consumer organisation Which recommended supplier for 2019 in the UK.

All this give a picture to why many choose The AA as their breakdown service provider and renew every year.