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Cheap Roadside Assistance

The cheapest and base policies from the main 3 suppliers The AA, RAC and Green Flag all come under the common term of roadside assistance. All first year policies bought online (rather than over the phone or shopping centre sales person), is likely to be cheaper than a tank of fuel as there is huge competition to bag that main policy. Ironically for most call outs that base roadside assistance policy is likely to be all any motorist needs, as all 3 providers claim most call outs are fixed at the roadside, likely by a common fault such as a flat battery or tyre issues.

red car driving

Is Roadside Assistance Sufficient For Your Needs?

But thoughts should be aimed at what sort of driving you and your family do, how reliable your vehicle is and if that cheapest policy really is the best policy for you.

For example, if you have starting issues on your front drive at home, none of the roadside assistance policies will cover any fault at home, or very close to home. For example the school run if very local.

Ask yourself what is the likelihood of needing a more comprehensive `policy, a cheap policy is only cheap if it fulfills that emergency.

If after all that consideration, a decision that no other extra cover is needed, then it all comes down to choosing which supplier.

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Look For Cheap Promotional Deals

The key suppliers the AA, RAC and Green Flag all offer very similar services, all wishing to compete with each other. They all offer any car or any driver options, the difference in price is often more a promotional thing to get first time buyers, or to encourage customers to change to their service.

There is only really one way to know who is offering the cheapest roadside assistance at any time and that is to visit all 3 suppliers and get a quote.