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Breakdown Cover For The Family Car, A Priority For Some

If there is anytime to ensure that emergency service provider will visit your stricken vehicle, it is when you have your family with you, especially children. A vehicle parked at the side of busy dual carriageway; at any time of day or even worse at night, is dangerous enough without young members of the family being there also.

Purchasing breakdown cover to ensure the family so that the occupiers, only have to wait 30 minutes or so, before a patrolmen or local garage will visit is the scene and gets the vehicle moving with family ASAP, is a priority for many parents.

mother holding child

Standing On The Side Of A Busy Road

What can compound the issue of a broken down family car, is that if it is parked near a busy road, the advice will be to stand away from the car, in case an accident should occur. If it is cold dark or even raining, that could be very distressing for young children or older pensioners.

car standing on a wet road

So family car breakdown cover does not just fit the type of vehicle, but its passengers too.

Is Roadside Assistance Enough For YOur Family?

Policies can vary from a roadside assistance policy to more advanced policies, which will get all members of the family home using public transport. Remember roadside assistance cover will get your vehicle to a garage nearby and your family, but you will be on your own as far as arranging accommodation etc, of you are far from home, say on holiday. But at least everyone will be away from the busy road and safe.

Are Other Family Members Covered

When choosing a policy, consider if you want other family members to be covered also. If so, choose covering the family car in question. If you choose personal cover, should any other member of the family borrow your vehicle and then breakdown, then contractually, your service provider does not need to attend.

Family cars can vary from medium sized hatchbacks, to MPVs, to even mini vans. The age of the vehicle concerned can affect `premiums and of course, make sure your car it fit for the journey first to avoid a breakdown in the first place.