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Advice On Purchasing Breakdown Cover

Those in sales will tell you, that most people make buying decisions based on their emotions, what makes them feel good at the time. But there are services and products that only should be purchased based on what matches their needs and breakdown cover is one of them.

emotional buy now

So taking a bit of time to ask, what is needed in terms of cover, when might a call out be most likely, where would a potential breakdown be very expensive and how much would the emergency service be needed in these circumstance?

A lot of information to digest and ask, but only by doing this can you be more confident of buying the right policy.

Some Potential Questions To Ask

  • “Has my car broken down before, is there a history?”
  • “If I did breakdown, do I have the knowledge and resources to deal with the issue, or will I need a patrolman and tools?”
  • “Can I do my own mechanics, if the car was towed home?”
  • “Does it matter what garage gets to repair my car?”
  • “What other members of the family drive this car?”
  • “What other cars in the family do I drive?”

These kind of questions can help decide whether a Recovery policy, where you vehicle will be transported to any location in mainland Britain (for example back home), or a basic roadside assistance policy?

It also helps deicide if your policy should be for the person, whatever car they drive, or the vehicle itself, no matter who drives it.

Associate The Risks To The Policy

Associating the risks or the likelihood or a breakdown occurring in the first place and what roads you may drive on and where is critical to the best purchase. If you are happy for the local garage to repair the car, if the patrolman cannot to it at the roadside, then the basic roadside assistance policy may be suitable. But of you want to control where that vehicle goes, after a un-repairable breakdown, the a Recovery policy may be more appropriate.

Do not consider purchasing any breakdown cover policy, based on a single TV ad without fully understanding your real needs.

Some good news, is the big providers like the AA and the RAC, do help you make the right decision by asking questions as you go through the application process.