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The Risks Of Purchasing The Cheapest Roadside Assistance Policy

When we buy most things we get to see the true value of the product or service straight away. But with roadside assistance it is unlikely to know the true value of the investment until a breakdown occurs with a call out. It is only then you will know if the cheapest option was the right option.

stop the risk

If no research is done and matched to your needs, then there is a risk that cheap roadside assistance policy ends up being worthless. So let’s explore some examples.

Risk 1

“I am a driver who travels larges distances from home, who would prefer to do my own mechanics, should something go wrong with my car”

All roadside Assistance policies, will aim to tow or transport your vehicle to a nearby garage, where you may be subject to repair costs. In this instance the extra cost of a Recovery policy which will promise to transport your vehicle back home, may be more suitable.

Risk 2

“My car battery keeps going flat, so I have bought a Roadside Assistance policy, to attend and get me running again”

The larger companies, including The AA and The RAC, carry new batteries with them and will encourage you to buy one, at full retail price, to guarantee the trip home. Service providers may limit the amount of call outs it will do, for the same fault. It may be worth, getting that battery replaced beforehand, look for the best price online.

car lock without key

Risk 3

“We only have one car key and have bought the cheapest roadside assistance policy, just on case we lose it”

None of the basic services will deal with a lost key; they either require a upgrade to the policy or have a totally separate service. Some may though, attempt to break into your vehicle, if keys are left inside to help you out.

Ensure You Have Sufficient Cover

There is a message here, make sure you fully understand what you are buying cover for and what circumstances. Do your research and really decide if the cheapest option will actually cover you or your car for likely occurrences.

Not having sufficient cover at the time of a breakdown can cost far more than a more expensive policy, or sorting the issues out beforehand. The cost of transporting a vehicle home can also be very expensive and not being able to choose which garage to do any repairs can also spoil the day.

To balance out the argument, it is also true that the vast majority of call outs, even with the cheapest roadside assistance policy owners, have their vehicle seen to and running again, without any further drama or extra costs.