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Discount For Students Campaign

This was suggested in an article here several years ago, but there is an argument to reintroduce it and that is why the main service providers not offer a discount to all students?

students studying

Not many students have the money to own a new car and often they find an old banger, to either get to and from University daily, or in many cases to travel to digs in a University City a good distance away.

So a campaign to assist students during this cash strapped time is what these words are all about.

Future Customers

So these cash strapped young people are likely to be the high earning motorists of the future, so there is a good business argument too. Yes these are the customers of tomorrow and a breakdown service provider who, has helped out in time of need, is likely to be high on the list for future business, when they have left university and have gained employment.

A decent discount, either aimed at the student direct, or at their parents, is something that should be on the mind of the marketing teams. If they were able to take it a step further and offer a recovery service that would get their car back home, would be a huge good will gesture.

Maybe it could be offered as an add on to the parents policy. An example could be “Buy a policy from us and get a second half price if your sibling is attending University or College”.

What is true is that most parents really worry about their now grown children, going away to stay at university for the first time. Knowing that if there child was to breakdown in their car at some unearthly time, there will be someone who will attend and help. Otherwise, saving a long journey for the parents to attend.

It is an opportunity to build a relationship and build trust at a time of need, knowing that in many cases there will be a loyalty pay back, when they start employment. Who knows, may even positive brownie points for the parents also, especially of the service has saved a long journey or just given peace of mind.

So come on service providers, get the calculators out and consider the investment of today and what business payback rewards there could be in future years.