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Are You THe Best Driver You Could Be?

A question many don’t take that serious is, when you pass your UK driving test are you the best driver you could be, or could you be better? Green Flag wrote a quick article on being a better driver.

The basic information suggested, to attempt the “Pass Plus” course designed for new drivers then moved on to the Skills for Life, where you get real advice from Advanced drivers.

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What was missing from the article was self development, as there are many who believe the driving test is only the first step to show a driver is safe to go on the British roads by themselves and only then do they truly learn to drive.

So Driving On The Motorway

Green Flags advice to driving on the motorway, is to plan ahead, clearly know where you are going, try to know where your turn offs are going to be, if possible do not totally rely on Sat Nav. Don’t forget, motorway speeds can kill in bad weather, just because the speed limit is 70mph, may not mean it is safe to do so. The 2 second rule, that used to be broadcast on a safety TV advert, reminds how far to stay away from the driver in front.

Do not be a middle lane driver; make sure you always return to the left hand side lane when safe to do so.

Remember There Are Others On The Road

Roads are much busier now than before, and for some who have passed their test a long time ago, typical driving may not reflect the time you passed your test. So key advice is to expect the unexpected, do not assume that road ahead is clear, if you cannot fully see it. Watch what other drivers are doing and be aware that many do not signal correctly.

Two Wheels

Cycling has become much more popular in recent years, so ensure you give them sufficient berth and be aware of the rules of the road, cyclists have much more authority than you may think. It is not their job just to move over, just because you are faster.

Four Legs

Animals could dart from anywhere so be prepared to stop with any unattended dogs or cats and even controlled animals like horses need a wide berth, just in case they are fretful.

Think About Those Bad Habits

Lets think, what about driving with one hand or forgetting to indicate or over confidence on a road you travel regularly? What bad habits d you have, maybe swearing at a slow driver, or even a learner driver, forgetting you were there at one time.

Elbow out of the window, drinking or eating on rush to an appointment, playing music so loud you can’t hear the traffic or other sounds around you.

We all see this behavior every day on the roads, and of course from time to time accidents occur from them.

So going back to basics, reviewing what you leant when you first started out, could be an option. Older drivers could consider what is involved today and what changes are there in the highway code for example.

It is unlikely anyone will. Passing the driving test is a passage to freedom and not something that normally needs to be repeated. So we can moan at those who do not treat the road as they should, but we can also take a good look at our own driving skills and take the necessary steps to improve them.