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You can't can't argue with the amount of UK members (8 million) all putting their trust in the RAC to attend their stricken vehicle should they need to. Originating from the Royal Automobile Association back in 1897 and still exists as a club in Pall Mall London.

Breakdown Services: What “The RAC” Offer

Using a combination of employed patrolmen or engineers, together with a network of garages in more rural areas of Brtain, The RAC has a range of solutions to get you and your vehicle back home or to a local garage. They claim that 4 out of 5 motorists are sorted at the roadside.

RAC Roadside Assistance

The RAC Roadside Assistance policy will cover call outs and will tow up to 10 miles, to local garage or home. This does not cover issues at home, must be 1/4 mile away from home. They claim they will fix your vehicle in average around 30 minutes.

RAC At Home

This add on service, covers the vehicle should it breakdown at home or nearby. (within 1/4 mile).

RAC National Recovery

This Recovery option covers your cars and its passengers should your vehicle not be repaired at the roadside. They will recover it and tow it anywhere in the UK.

RAC Any Vehicle Cover

The main policies covers only the designated vehicle, should you want an option to cover any vehicle, this is the any vehicle cover.

RAC Lost Keys

Should you lose your vehicle or house keys, this is an optional upgrade, to cover for such circumstances..

RAC Route Planner

Another United Kingdom online route planner to help you get from A to B and plan your journey.

RAC Traffic News

THe UK map showing any traffic issues. Visit their web page to see where the disruptions are occurring in real time. When using a mobile device, it will attempt to locate your location.

RAC Buying A Car Advice

THe RAC offer services, from vehicle inspections to HPi checks, car reviews and approved dealerships