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Lets Not Forget The Dangers Of Working As A RAC Patrol

With roads getting ever busier and drivers often driving too fast and not slowing down the life of a RAC Patrol engineer can be ever more dangerous.

Reports Of Incidents

The Independent reported back in 2015 how a patrolman was hit on the M& by a lorry whist attempting to repair a car at the roadside. This shocking incident was captured on CCTV, the driver being sentenced to eight months in prison.

Video of incident on M6

Mr Wooten the RAC Patrolman suffered two fractured vertebrae, but ot was not until a passerby saw Mr Wooten, that an ambulance was called. An indication of lonely the role car be.

The Devon Live website reported that the RAC had released photographs on another potentially serious accident where one it s patrol vans was hit whist its engineer was attending a member call out for a puncture on the M4. A 14 year with RAC experienced patrolman Andrew Barret, had ensured the passengers of the stricken car was safe and had switched on his beacons to warn other motorists.

It was hit by a car, forcing the three tone van to roll over, quite a shocking moment. The RAC Member was hit unconscious, the driver of the car, managed to get out unattended.

The message from the RAC, is simply “Slow Down and Give Space”, especially when it is obvious a breakdown has occurred. In these instances it was lucky no one was killed.

But unfortunately not all instances end in this was way. (we do not claim this is a comprehensive list of all the accidents that have occurred and respect privacy by not publishing names).

Back in 1994 a 47 patrolman was killed after his van was crushed by a lorry near Newbury.

In 1998, a RAC Patrolmen was killed on the M6 one month after a contract garage engineer, as also killed on a RAC callout.

In June 2018 another RAC patrolman was killed on the A617 whist doing his job.

Lets Show More Respect

Sad news about professionals who only want to do their job well. As motorist we should show more respect when we see any service provider parked at the roadside doing their job.