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Less Problems With Potholes The RAC say

There can be very issues that have upset the motoring public over the last few years as the emergence and failure to fix potholes. The damage to vehicles over this time has been unprecedented, with record levels of insurance claims.

Of course this also affects the Motoring Organisations who may get called out to fix a breakdown down vehicle, which originated from a pothole.

asphalt pothole

3 Months Of 2019

But recently the RAC reported that in the first 3 months of 2019, their patrol engineers had less call outs than the comparative 3 month period in the last 3 years. Good news yes, except we are also reminded that motorists are twice as likely to have a pothole incident, than they did back in 2006.

Extra funding to deal with the issue on average about 20% higher together with a relatively mild winter may have helped the local councils catch up.

RAC representative, Simon Williams noted it would even better if more of our road fund tax was directed towards the repair of our local roads.

There should be more funding available next year also.

Reporting A Pothole With Your Local Authority

There are no many “Report a Pothole” type websites, normally run by local authoties and example is the Nottinghamshire County Council here.

But even, so local authorities find themselves having to priortise which ones to fix first and are limited to their allocated budget.

In theory you can claim against the local authority if you can prove they were to blame, whether you would get any money back, would depend on how long the pothole had been there and of course other legal issues you would need to research before claiming.

It is estimated it will take 14 years to clear the pothole backlog, so we wait in hope.