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Using Dash Cams To Assist In Reducing Road Crime

There has been a huge rise in popularity of the use dash cams, primarily through to TV programs and YouTube channels, showing the benefits of recording incidents and accidents. Ownership has risen from 1% to 15% in only 4 years and is continuing growing. However there has been an opinion that with all this recorded evidence available that, maybe there is less need for road police presence.

a camera in a car

It is just not pratical to carry a normal camera in a car to record any accidents or road crime. This is one reason why dashboard cameras have become so popular.

The AA president has written to the police Federation arguing that although there is a real positive benefit to the extra video evidence available, this should not be used in any argument to reduce police numbers. Read more here

There have been surveys showing the ever increasing use of dash cams and it is believed that 2 in 3 drivers will eventually own and use one in the near future. They have been extremely useful to show fault in serious accidents involving insurance claims and police prosecutions. Although some have noted it has been difficult sending footage of dangerous driving.

You can now use the National Dash Cam Safety Portal. NDSP

Of course the police themselves use them on their patrol cars and have been for some time, to aid in convictions and showing proof of any crime, from road rage, to mobile phone abuse.

The costs of buying a dash cam have come down considerably, many are very affordable now. And for some installation is a no brainer. Read more here

Some privately owned dash cams have both a front and rear view that will cover front on accidents and rear impacts; some even cover the cabin too. It may also reduce your insurance premiums also with some providers offering discounts to dash cam owners.